Bishop's College trains men and women to be agents of God's transforming reign in the Church and in the world by offering a contextual theological education, encouraging a creative ministerial formation and inculcating a spirituality of life.


Bishop's College is committed to the equal participation and partnership of men and women at all levels of the ministry of the Church.


...agents of God's
transforming reign...

The college seeks to prepare men and women who are ably committed to theologically analysing situations of injustice and sin and involved in the formulation of community based strategies for the Church's

theological education...

Steadfast in its belief that theology begins in the struggles of people for life in its fullness, Bishop's College seeks to provide the tools that enable students to critically discern the signs of the times, humbly listen to the voice of God speaking to a broken world and meaningfully communicate the Word of God in faith and action.

ministerial formation...

Bishop's College seeks to train students to creatively empower, through word and sacrament, congregations for sensitive witness and action for the fullness of life for all.

...spirituality of life...

We seek to inculcate in students a spirituality that is integrated with academic and community life and rooted in the Bible, in life-affirming spiritualities of the Christian and Indian traditions.